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Jason & The Scorchers


Country-rock�s legendary Jason and the Scorchers burst onto the scene from Nashville in 1981 with a debut EP that included an ass-kickin’ version of Bob Dylan’s “Absolutely Sweet Marie”. The demo of that song (which got the band their deal with EMI) kicks off this 19-track disc of outtakes, rarities and live performances that have been until now previously unreleased. Released in part to celebrate the band’s 20th Anniversary, this album features what can only be described as some of the most inspired performances of the band’s illustrious career.
Formed by Illinois native, Jason Ringenberg, whose vocal performance was decidedly country twang, The Scorchers music negotiated between Stones-style stomps and quieter, more melodic acoustic country. This loaded combination led Jason and the Scorchers to become a critically acclaimed and popular ’80s and early �90s rock powerhouse. With Ringenberg’s yowling voice pushed way up front, the band’s sonic power came from the synchronous playing of Nashville rock veterans Warner Hodges (guitar), Jeff Johnson (bass), and Perry Baggs (drums). Sharing similar musical backgrounds that valued the music of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash as much as the Stones or Beatles, these guys could crank out mega-amped hard rock one minute and sound like the Flying Burrito Brothers the next, all of it done with great skill and excitement.

“Howdy friends! So here is [arguably] some of the best of our rarities and previously unreleased outtakes. For the most part we sequenced the CD chronologically and tried to include tracks from every phase of our 20-year career. When I listen to it my whole Scorcher life passes before my eyes! It definitely tells our story from an angle never before explored. We start with the demo of �Absolutely Sweet Marie� from the summer of 1983. We hope you enjoy this little jaunt down the Lost Highway.”
-Jason Ringenberg