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The Soundtrack Of Our Lives


Grammy nominees, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, have returned with Throw It to the Universe, the band’s 6th, and final, full-length album. Throw It to the Universe contains all of the elements that TSOOL is known for — psychedelic rock, pop hooks, cryptic lyrics and nods to 60s and 70s guitar rock. Though the band is calling this their swan song, in terms of recording together, the songs reflect a band that is still vibrant and searching for the perfect chord.

Highlights include the opening, title track, with the appropriate line, “We say hello to say goodbye. We are the Soundtrack of Our Lives.” “Where’s the Rock”, “You Are the Beginning”, “When We Fall”, and “Faster Than The Speed of Light”, are all standouts. “Busy Land”, sounds like a track Pete Townshend might have written for the Who’s “A Quick One”, if he had been looking for a song about “little white dwarves,” coming to terms with the modern world. Throw It to the Universe definitely has all of the things fans have loved about this band packaged in one final TSOOL album. OEOC.

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