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Filter talks with Liam Finn about his upcoming album and premieres “The Struggle” MP3 for free.


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Progeny Among the Poppies: Liam Finn’s Progression
By Kyle MacKinnel

Liam Finn is in his natural habitat. “I’m in the studio,” the shaggy-maned Kiwi tells me. “Check it out.” He picks up his laptop, facing its webcam across the room to display a soundboard with levels arranged in irregular waves, and a transparent pane that partitions the modest recording space. “Oh, it’s been hot,” he says, referring to New Zealand’s sub-tropical climate. “There’s so much water in the air you’ll sweat and get tired. But it’s been an awesome summer.” During the past few months, while much of the United States was pummeled by a parade of snowstorms, Finn rented a small place near his parents’ house in Piha, New Zealand, to work on new material. To better describe the area, he references the hazy black sand beaches from Jane Campion’s film The Piano.

Finn is in Auckland today, recording the follow-up to his 2007 solo debut, I’ll Be Lightning, for which he spent the last three years touring the world. Prior to that, he lived in London for a spell. It’s been a heavy tick since Finn last spent a stretch of time back home. All the while, however, his roots have never…Click HERE to read the full feature now

Click HERE to stream/download “The Struggle” now for free and check out Liam’s upcoming US tour dates.