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Gang of Four’s C O N T E N T available now on CD,LP and digitally. Order now and get the full digital album instantly for FREE!


Gang of Four are one of the most radical, and radically important, rock groups of the last 30 years. Their music, starting with 1978’s Damaged Goods EP, offered a danceable solution to the problem of where four-piece guitar bands could go next after punk. They provided the perfect answer to the question: how to be polemical without being po-faced, ponderous, banal or doctrinaire? More than anything, Gang of Four are about visceral, high energy, maximum impact rock ‘n’ roll. They make you dance and they make you sweat, just as they make you think. And now Yep Roc Records is excited to bring you C O N T E N T, the band’s first album of all-new material in over 15 years featuring 11 new songs written by Andy Gill & Jon King.

Andy & Jon say: “We have been working on new songs for some time. Here they are, on our new album titled C O N T E N T. The tracks are simple: vocals, guitar, bass, drums. It is a tough, loud sound. A number of the tracks have dual vocals where we swap the lead to tell different parts of a story. We write about daily life but where the point of view is often contradictory or conflicted. Sometimes it’s a drama or dialogue, sometimes it’s an imagined situation with contradictory voices or commentary (like “He’d Send In The Army” or, on the new album, ” Do As I Say”) where there’s a quasi conversation between a religious inquisitor and someone burning at the stake, where they both agree they’re two sides of the same coin. What we strive for in all of our songs, is to interpret the world in a way you haven’t seen nor thought of before. We feel you’ll hear this in C O N T E N T.

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