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Jim White to release WHERE IT HITS YOU on 2/21 from Yep Roc.


Jim White releases his fifth full-length album and first for Yep Roc Records on February 21, 2012. Where It Hits You chronicles Jim White’s journey through life’s challenges, heartbreak, and ultimately transcendence.

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Jim White has a habit of snatching meaning from thin air. His critically acclaimed debut album, The Mysterious Tale of How I Shouted Wrong-Eyed Jesus (Luaka Bop), tapped into the zeitgeist of what would soon blossom into the lo-fi Americana movement.

Jim reflects, “Back then (1997) there was maybe twenty of us doing it—Wilco, 16 Horsepower, of course Lucinda, Steve Earle and The Jayhawks. Now, hell, there’s a million lonesome geniuses out there, each one singing their heart out and sadder than the next.” Where It Hits You is Jim’s chance to sing his heart out—and sing he does—no small feat, considering the heart that’s singing was badly broken during the making of the record.

As is often the case with cathartic upheaval, sometimes tribulation forces buried treasure to the surface. This holds true with Where It Hits You as rich and diverse a record as Jim has ever produced. From the brooding dreamlike opener, “Chase The Dark Away,” to the wild eyed stomp of “Here We Go,” to the Beefheartesque “Infinite Mind,” to the Harvest-era Neil Young ringer “My Brother’s Keeper,” Where It Hits You finds Jim in full musical stride, effortlessly blending genres and approaches in ways that sometimes boggle the mind. But as White’s work has shown over the arc of his career, despite the experimental extremes he recklessly embraces, there’s always a cohesive, singular identity that holds the divergent influences together.

An eternally restless soul whose home base is Athens, GA, Jim White is also a visual artist, photographer, essayist, music producer, and composer for films and theater. Jim continues, “I just can’t sit down. I wish I could, but there’s so far to go. And somehow, some way, by hook or by crook, I’m gonna get there.”

Where It Hits You Track Listing:
1. Chase the Dark Away
2. The Way of Alone
3. Sunday’s Refrain
4. State of Grace
5. Infinite Mind
6. What Rocks Will Never Know
7. Here We Go!
8. My Brother’s Keeper
9. The Wintered Blue Sky
10. Epilogue to a Marriage
11. Why It’s Cool

Appearing on this Album:
-Jim White: guitar, vocals, keys, piano, percussion, programming, flutes & whistles, harmonicas
-Members of Olabelle (Byron Isaacs, Glenn Patscha, Tony Leone, Fiona McBain) appear on “Sunday’s Refrain,” “Chase The Dark Away,” “That Wintered Blue Sky”
-Members of Shak Nasti (Tim Turner, Rion Smith, Matt Lapham) appear on “My Brother’s Keeper,” “Infinite Mind,” “State of Grace,” “The Way of Alone”
-Members of The Heap (Bryan Howard, Ian Werden, Jeff Reiter, Jack Sterling, Marc Gilley, Chris Costigan, Jeff Crouch) appear on “Here We Go”

Solo Guest Appearances:
-Terri Binion: banjo, acoustic guitar, vocals
-Caroline Herring: vocals
-Will Johnson (Centromatic): vocals; Ruby Kendrick: vocals
-Dan Nettles (Kenosha Kid): electric guitar
-G.C. Hellings (Stanton): electric guitar
-Mike Ferrio (Tandy): acoustic guitar, vocals
-Willow: Additional Piano

Additional Players:
-Marlon Patton: drums, percussion, stand up bass, electric bass
-Rob McMaken: dulcimer, acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals
-Kevin Hyde: trombone
-Andrew Small: bowed bass, stand up bass, cello
-Ash Raymond: fiddle
-Matt “Pistol” Stoessel: pedal steel guitar
-John Keane: pedal steel guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
-Paige & Rachael Keane: vocals
-Mitch Corbin: mandolin, acoustic guitar
-Jeremy Wheatley: vocals; David Schweitzer: vocals