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The SXSW Panel Picker is live, and Yep Roc has three panels ripe for the picking. If you’re going to be anywhere near SXSW next year, and want a say in what panels will be offered, the Panel Picker is your place to vote.  If you’re interested in seeing any of your favorite indie label’s proposed panels below, please cast your vote at

To Sign or Not To Sign-Record Label v. DIY release 

You’ve heard the claim – in this day and age you don’t need a record label, all you need is a Bandcamp page and a Twitter account. On this panel, we’ll explore why that may or may not be true as well as the new and varying options available to artists who want to keep their music truly independent.

Making The Most Of Record Store Day 

Record Store Day has taken on a life of its own. It seems everyone wants to get involved in one form or fashion. Having a great release concept is big factor – but what else can be done to capitalize on every music junkie’s favorite day of the year? From t-shirts to posters, in-store performances to promoting your release via social networks – explore the many ways in which you can stake your claim on the third Saturday of April.

The Rise of the Special Edition Music Package 

With increasing momentum, the avid music fan is looking for something above and beyond the norm in the physical releases of their favorite music – something to claim true ownership over. These physical pieces are far from the cookie-cutter variety that many of us have grown accustomed to over the years. Nowadays, an artist needs to add something special to their physical package, be it a bonus track on the vinyl edition, a deluxe CD package or a value add item. When does a special package truly work? What forms can this take and how can this additional value be maximized?


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