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Yep Roc Announces Record Store Day Black Friday Titles!


Yep Roc Music Group announces two Black Friday Record Store Day titles, including releases from Difford & Tillbrook and 3 x 4, both of which are Record Store Day First releases.

Difford & Tilbrook w/ Robert Glasper & ?uestlove – Take Me I’m Yours 45 single

Squeeze’s iconic debut single, “Take Me I’m Yours,” entered the charts in 1978, kicking off an unparalleled career for the band that is still celebrated today. To recognize the 40th anniversary of the tune, Yep Roc Records is releasing a brand new rendition of “Take Me I’m Yours” from Squeeze’s own Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, along with some help from Robert Glasper and ?uestlove.

This new version of “Take Me I’m Yours” features a raw energy that transforms the classic song into something new and modern thanks to the production of Steve Mandel. “Take Me I’m Yours” will be available as a 45 single for Record Store Day Black Friday. The A-Side features the new rendition of “Take Me I’m Yours,” with the B-Side showcasing the instrumental of the new version.  Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide, includes digital download.

3 x 4:  The Bangles, The Three O’Clock, The Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade

3 x 4: The Bangles, The Three O’Clock, The Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade is a celebration of L.A.’s Paisley Underground scene of the early mid-1980s. Featuring brand-new recordings from four of the scene’s most notorious bands, each covering the songs of the others — 3 (songs) x 4 (bands) = 12 songs.

Slated as a Record Store Day First, the double LP will be pressed on a psychedelic swirl vinyl and has a different sequence than the CD. All covers of a band will be on each side (e.g. The Bangles side has the other bands cover The Bangles tunes). And, in the psychedelic spirit of the scene, the sides will be labeled: B, D, R, T — the first letter of each artists name).

Both CD and LP feature extensive liner notes from members of each of the bands.  

Record Store Day First release November 23, 2018. Worldwide release date February 22, 2019.

All titles will be available exclusively at select independent music retailers on Friday, November 23, 2018. For a list of participating stores, please visit: