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Van Dyke Parks’ Super Chief Now Available for Pre-Order


A musical prodigy and child actor, a session musician, composer, soundtrack writer, arranger, lyricist, and singer, Van Dyke Parks been a significant contributor to several decades’ worth of classics, including a handful of unassailable masterpieces. He’s perhaps still best known for penning the lyrics to The Beach Boys’ legendary masterpiece Smile. More recently, his arrangements helped turn Joanna Newsom’s second album Ys into an epic.  We are now proud to present Super Chief, another masterpiece in Parks’ legacy on CD with a free digital download included. Pre-order the record now in the Yep Roc Store, before its release July 29.

From VDP: “I’ve made an orchestral fantasy illustrating my first trip across the U.S.A. by rail, in 1955. This suite is drawn from over a score of years, and as many films, now re-recorded from my archives as a film-music composer. Most of this music has been faintly presented, under the din of horse hooves, gunplay, and voice-over. Much of it has never been heard at all, having ended up on editing room floors from entirely re-cut films, or movies that never made it past a box office. I felt it was high time to give it a proper listen.”

Check out the track list for Super Chief below and pre-order the album from the Yep Roc Store.

Track listing

1. The Super Chief
2. Go West Young Man
3. The Dining Car
4. The Pleasure Dome
5. Bar Talk
6. Joan Crawford
7. Last Call
8. Into The Gloaming
9. Crack Of Dawn
10. Flats As A Platte
11. Old Joe Clark
12. The Water Is Wide
13. I Ride An Old Paint Horse
14. Iron Horse
15. Teepee Motel
16. By Campground
17. Forgotten Not Gone
18. The Continental Divide
19. Just Yonder
20. Virgin Territory
21. A Spanish Kitchen
22. Bolero Torero
23. The Road Runner And Rattler
24. Bed Of Stones
25. So Long Santa Fe
26. Crossing The Colorado
27. A Date With Valentino
28. A Short Chat With Miss Crawford
29. The Joshua Tree
30. Chateau Marmont


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