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Born Ruffians
September 2nd, 2015

Born Ruffians Launch Experimental Film Stream That Vanishes By The Second


Today, Born Ruffians launched a 30-day video stream on their website which lets fans peer into the strange and surrealist RUFF World. The goal of this online art project is to give their fans a taste of what is to come on their new album, RUFF. The entire project takes twelve hours of VHS footage and stretches it down to one frame every two seconds in order to span the period of 30 days. That is just under 1.3 million images that will be displayed over the course of the month (43,200 images per day).  Once a frame is gone, it’s lost forever, no rewind or playback, which is rare in the internet age. However, fans will be allowed to save select images as keepsakes of the experience. They are encouraged to share these images on social media using the hashtag #watchRUFF.

The project was inspired by both the band as well as some of the themes and content from the album itself – a mix of humor, awkwardness, strangeness and monotony. Director John Smith says of the project, “Fans will be able to check in 24-7 throughout the pre-recorded 30-day stream to see what’s going on at any given moment. There are several characters and storylines that unfold over the period of time, and collectively I think the Internet will be able to piece it together.” Watch the video stream at

Stream “When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away” from RUFF below.

RUFF is out October 2nd and is up for pre-order on CD, LP, and a mysterious Deluxe edition, or in an exclusive bundle.

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