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DADDY LONG LEGS Releases New Album ‘Street Sermons’


 Today DADDY LONG LEGS, New York City’s most diabolical Rhythm & Blues street gang, releases their new album Street Sermons via Yep Roc Records. A group “formed over a mutual love of wild and unhinged rock n’ roll and rural rhythm and blues music,” The group has also shared a high-energy video for the song “Nightmare.” DADDY LONG LEGS’ has amassed a cult-like following for being one of the finest live acts on the road today. Written and recorded against a backdrop of political tension, riots in the streets and a deeply uncertain future, Street Sermons is a testament to triumph over adversity. The album is currently available to order here.

The group previously released the tracks “Silver Satin” and “Street Sermon” which sees the group beseeching their troubled congregation to “Work with one another/Not against each other” as the Brooklyn band evolve into a chain gang that sounds like they’re emanating through the cracks of a hot and sticky subway station.

The band’s fourth studio album represents a wellspring of bottled-up feelings and emotions that need to be taken to the streets. Produced by Oakley Munson of the Black Lips at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, NY the band expands upon a sound that’s all their own and features guest appearances from Punk Rock legend Wreckless Eric providing backing vocals on “Nightmare” and “Silver Satin” and The Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian on “Ding-Ding Man,” In dark times DADDY LONG LEGS continue to shine their light everywhere they go, leaving a piece of themselves on stage every night because it’s in them and it’s got to come out.