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Hank Stockard Yep Roc Records
March 4th, 2016

Faces Behind Yep Roc: Hank Stockard


Ever wonder who’s behind your favorite Yep Roc releases? Every month we’ll introduce one Yep Roc employee with a personal Spotify playlist and a quirky caricature from our creative designer, Nathan Golub.

This month, we’re profiling Hank Stockard, Yep Roc’s Director of Marketing. Below, is a Spotify playlist that Hank has made with some of his favorite songs and artists. Enjoy!

You’ve worked in many roles at Yep Roc. What’s your current job title, what does your job entail and how does it differ from previous positions at Yep Roc?

I’m the Director of Marketing. I oversee the marketing team, work on messaging for Yep Roc and guide the marketing strategy. After starting as an intern here, I was hired and have worked in various positions since. During my time here, the the artist roster and “Yep Roc vibe” have become ingrained in me. I am now able to draw from my experience and knowledge to come up with creative ideas and give insight into new marketing ideas.

Where are you from?

Newport News, Virginia.

What school did you attend and what did you study?

I went to UNC and studied communications with an emphasis on film.

Are there any specific projects that you are working on right now?

We have a lot of new Sawyer Sessions in the works. We’re also working on a lot of different streaming strategies.

Do you have any favorite Yep Roc Spotify playlists?

I personally like Dave and Phil Alvin’s Van Tapes and Aoife’s Travel Tunes.

When you think of big “music industry cities,” Los Angeles and New York are the first places that come to mind. What’s it like working in the music industry in North Carolina?

This area has a rich musical history. There is a history of labels here (like Mammoth Records) and Merge Records is in town. The area has 6 venues of note. The North Carolina music industry is not centralized in a big city but it is very vibrant. One of the reasons I stayed in North Carolina is because of the vibrant scene.

What do you most enjoy doing outside of work?

I like to spend time with my family, see a lot of live shows, and work on art and music. And pull for the Tar Heels!

Do you have a favorite interaction with a Yep Roc artist?

After having worked here for 2 weeks, we signed Dave Alvin and he was putting out his record, Ashgrove. I put together the release party in Raleigh and had no idea what I was doing. Yet, everything went smoothly. I got to sit down with Dave and we had a great conversation that I’ll always remember. He was very appreciative and I was relieved that everything went so well, despite my lack of experience at the time.

How would you describe your music tastes?

I like a lot of new music, I spend a lot of time on SoundCloud and Bandcamp looking for new music. I tend to veer toward music discovery as opposed to listening to the same things over and over.

What was the first show you ever attended?

My first show was the Violent Femmes at the Boathouse in Norfolk, Virginia. It was very packed and I got trampled, but it was still fun!

What’s your favorite Yep Roc release?

Cities self-titled release, the only release they ever put out. I became buddies with them because we both went to UNC. I was very involved in the project and helped compile their remix record.

What author would you choose to write your biography?

J.K. Rowling.

If you could travel to a foreign country with any Yep Roc artist or group, who would you go with and where would you go?

I would go to Egypt with Robyn Hitchcock. I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt, and Robyn has a unique perspective on things so I think he’d be a good travel partner.

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