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Matt Carter Yep Roc Records
August 1st, 2014

The Faces of Yep Roc: Matt Carter


Ever wonder who’s working hard behind your favorite Yep Roc releases?  Every month we’ll introduce one Yep Roc employee with a personal Spotify playlist and a quirky caricature from our creative designer, Nathan Golub.

To kick-off the series, we’d like to recognize the newest member of the Yep Roc family, our Interactive Content Producer, Matt Carter. Matt is the Interactive Content Producer at Yep Roc where he organizes, films and edits video of Yep Roc artists from live sessions, interviews and everything in-between. Take a look at one of the shoots he’s enjoyed most in his short tenure at the label: Mandolin Orange performing “The Runaround”:

Matt’s experience in the visual arts helped inspire his playlist: “If I experience a good music video, I’ll develop a special kind of relationship with music because of the visual aspect intertwined with it. So because of that, many of these songs including  ‘Brain,’ ‘Youth,’ ‘Jimmy,’ ‘Sweatpants,’ ’25 Bucks,’ ‘Love at the End,’ ‘Every Little Word,’  and “Fineshrine” are taken from my favorite music videos.”

While you’re jamming to Matt’s favorite tunes, take a glance below to learn about his early musical origins, ideal musician roommates and one strange interaction with a Yep Roc artist:

YEP ROC: What was the first album you ever purchased?

MATT CARTER: I think it was Confessions by Usher…or Nelly’s Country Grammar. One of the two. But if I could go back in time I would’ve bought any RHCP album to start off.

Did your parents have a big impact on your music tastes?
Not really. My dad doesn’t do music (silent drives all day every day). And my mom likes Shania Twain.

Where did you grow up? What was the music scene like there?
I was born in Tennessee so I’ve spent a lot of time in Nashville, Memphis, and Manchester where Bonnaroo takes place.

Best concert you’ve ever attended?
Red Hot Chili Peppers at the RBC Center in Raleigh.

Best interaction with a Yep Roc artist?
I don’t think he knows this but I sped past a really slow car on I-40 and looked over, turned out to be John Teer from Chatham County Line.

Favorite Yep Roc release?
This Side of Jordan is really good.

What do you do at Yep Roc?
Try to get the 2048 tile.

What song would play during the opening credits during the movie about your life?
“Nightcall” by Kavinsky for the first half of my life and “Youth” by Ben Khan for the second.

If you had to be roommates with a musician, who would you choose and why?
I’d share an apartment with Ben, Tommy and Jesse from Jukebox the Ghost because they’re fun. But actually because they’re pretty small so we’d be able to live together comfortably and for cheap if we divided rent four ways.

What album would we find in your car’s CD player right now?
Birthmarks by Born Ruffians.

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