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Frequently Asked Questions!


We heard you! We pulled the top questions from our annual Yep Roc customer survey this year and answered them below. Thank you for your feedback and support! If you’re looking for any additional information, please reach out to or

Q: Is it possible to choose which releases you receive in your Completist subscription?
A: The Completist program allows you to choose either Vinyl or CD and you receive all the releases Yep Roc releases in that year plus bonus along the way. Currently you can not choose the releases you receive.

Q: Are there other payment option for the Completist program? Will there ever be quarterly/monthly payments?
A: We are investigating whether a quarterly or monthly payment would be feasible for Completist.

Q: Why do the digital download cards included in LP packaging have an expiration date?
A: There is no expiration date for our current download system. Many years ago there was an expiration date on download cards and there may be some still in circulation. If you receive on please let know.

Q: Is there a return policy and/or an exchange process for damaged product?
A: Yes customer service can help with this. You can reach them at or feel to reach out to anytime you have question.

Q: Can I contact someone if I’m having difficulty purchasing something on the Yep Roc store?
A: Customer Service:

Q: What is the origin of label name?
A: Yep Roc’s name comes from a song by Slim Gailard. You can find out more about Slim and the song here.

Q: Is Yep Roc planning on having another music festival?
A: At some point yes!

Q: Will there be a thermos to go along with the Nick Lowe lunchbox?
A: There are currently no plans but never say never!

Q: What reissues do you have plans for in the upcoming years?
A: We are working on a 10th Anniversary Edition of Eli Paperboy Reed debut roll to you that will include a few bonus tracks hopefully will be out in time for Black Friday 2018.

Q: What is the shipping process for Yep Roc Store purchases?
A: Our goal is to get your order to you as quickly as possible without additional shipping fees. We are constantly trying different shipping companies to get your order to you as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. If you have an issue with your shipment please let know.

Q: Does Yep Roc Records have plans of building a brick & mortar store?
A: No plans for this. There are so many great record stores in the world our plan is to keep focused on what we do best.

Q: Will *insert artist* tour *insert city* soon?
A: To stay up to date on all artists’ tour dates, please visit the Yep Roc tour tab on our website at