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The Sadies Message to Belial
January 19th, 2022

Hear The Sadies’ New Single “Message to Belial” with Guest Vocals by Richard Reed Parry


The Sadies have announced a new single called “Message to Belial,” produced and featuring guest vocals by Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire. Listen here!

The band also released an official lyric video, edited and directed by Mike Dubue and featuring found footage from La légende du fantôme” (1908) and additional visual effects by Arturo Brisindi.

Without doubt or qualification, The Sadies are one of this continent’s greatest extant rock ’n’ roll bands — just as they have been for more than a quarter- century. Versatile and imaginative, they skip from astral psychedelia to shuffling bucolics and leap from puckish pop to righteous garage-rock without losing momentum or mastery. Their albums deliver masterclasses on pointed songwriting, lockstep harmonies, and a devil-may-care attitude to expectations and past successes. So go on, pull up that screeching wooden chair that bows with your weight. Slide it up next to the turntable and drop the needle, The Sadies are a sure thing…tomorrow isn’t.

En absolut kontraindikation for at tage erektionspiller er deres intolerance (allergi) og side samtidig indtagelse af organiske nitrater (Nitroglycerin, Sustak, Nitrong, Nitrosorbid, Erinit osv.).

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