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Kim Richy Thorn In My Heart The Work Tapes Yep Roc Records
July 29th, 2014

Kim Richey’s Thorn In My Heart: The Work Tapes


Kim Richey’s, Thorn In My Heart: The Work Tapes, is now available at the Yep Roc Store. The Work Tapes reveals a raw, stripped down version of Kim Richey’s critically acclaimed 2013 album, Thorn In My Heart.  Before Kim records an album, she creates what she calls, “work tapes”.  These are acoustic, rough recordings of songs that she uses to help her band learn the songs before heading into the studio.  They’re early demos with just Kim or Kim and the co-writer of the song playing guitar and singing, campfire-like, to tape.

Kim has decided to share these songs with her fans in a very limited edition vinyl package. The LP package includes work tape versions of all 12 songs that originally appeared on Thorn In My Heart.  The LP jacket is housed in a wooden box.  Included in the box is a  24-page booklet with lyrics and guitar tablature hand-written by Kim Richey, as well as photos from the Thorn In My Heart recording sessions.  This box is limited to 300 copies.

Watch the video below to get a feel of this special LP package.

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