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September 30th, 2013

Read an interview with The Sadies’ Dallas Good on The Huffington Post


The Sadies’ Dallas Good talks to The Huffington Posts’ Mike Ragogna about the bone crunching inspirations for The Sadies’ new album, Internal Sounds, touring vs. the studio and wisdom from Andre Williams.

Mike Ragogna: All right, let’s talk about your new Yep Roc record. Dallas, take us through the album?

Dallas Good: Okay, I’ll do my best.

MR: First off, it’s called Internal Sounds, right?

DG: Yeah.

MR: So Internal Sounds as opposed to…?

DG: Did you see the cover? When The Sadies started our North American tour to support our Darker Circles album, I slipped on some ice in Saskatoon and had a compound fracture of both bones in my leg. It made a gruesome noise inside my body.

MR: And thus the beginnings of the new album.

DG: Yeah, it’s very much along the lines of deadened, considering it was two major bones snapped in two, but I had a lot of blood to baffle it.

MR: That must have scared the crap out of you, seeing that happen to your body.

DG: Yeah. Actually, the first thing I did was put my foot back to where it was supposed to be, and I just remembered, “If I go into shock, I’m twice as f**ked.” I tried my best not to be scared and just be more practical about it, but that’s easier for me to say two years later.

MR: So this was what was the impetus for the creativity that went into this album, its core message, its beating heart, if you will?

DG: Well, at least it was the impetus for the artwork and title.

MR: Alright, back to that let’s get that album tour of the album. You have this way of looking at the world that’s uniquely Sadies.

DG: That’s true, I suppose. I’ve developed a bit of a formula to my misery.

Read more on The Huffington Post HERE.

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