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The Fleshtones Hipster Heaven

Rolling Stone Premieres New Fleshtones Track: “Hipster Heaven”


Rolling Stone premiered The Fleshtone’s new track “Hipster Heaven” from their upcoming album Wheel of Talent. In the Rolling Stone’s article, Fleshtones singer, Peter Zaremba claims to have lived in “Hipster Heaven.”

“Hipster Heaven? Well I live there.  We left the East Village and almost moved to Williamsburg, but decided on Greenpoint instead because it was quieter. Well, it took 14 years, but it’s happened. It must be me. Bring ’em on! Anyway, I grew up about 2 miles from where we live here in Greenpoint. The song itself came to me in a dream – really. The band was playing on top of a sort of multi-colored ‘Magic Bus’ in the middle of a field, and the song rode out on that maniacal laughter. I just remember waking up with that laughter in my head and realized I was still laughing to myself in bed.”

Wheel of Talent will be released Feb. 11.  You can pre-order the album by visiting the Yep Roc Store or by clicking any of the images below:FLESHTONES_WOT_preordernowFLESHTONES_WOT_preorderbundle

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