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Yep Roc 2021 in Review(s)


We’re proud to have put out some truly amazing music this year. Here’s what really caught the attention of critics and fans alike!

The Felice Brothers – From Dreams To Dust

The Felice Brothers From Dreams To Dust Yep Roc Records

“Felice Brothers, in their best album in a decade-plus, offering up a simple four-word prayer: ‘We shall live again.'” – Jonathan Bernstein, Rolling Stone Best Music of 2021: Staff Picks

“Set to easygoing, guitar-strumming country-rock, the Felice Brothers’ to-do list starts out practical but soon turns metaphysical: ‘Defy all natural laws.'” – Jon Pareles, New York Times Best Songs of 2021 (Listen here)

From Dreams to Dust might well be the most consistently exciting album from the Felice Brothers since their self-titled debut. As they delve more into corners of offbeat rock and Americana, their folk spirit remains strong.” – Jonathan Frahm, PopMatters 15 Best Folk Albums of 2021

“Leave it to the Felice Brothers to find equal measures of beauty and absurdity in America’s slide toward the abyss. A requiem for a culture staggering under the weight of its own contradictions, the group’s eighth album is by turns pointed and impressionistic.” – Eric R. Danton, Paste Magazine 10 Best Country & Americana Albums of 2021

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Aoife O’Donovan – Age of Apathy

Aoife O’Donovan Age of Apathy Yep Roc Records

This album actually isn’t out until 2022 but still got some love this year! Check out the track “Phoenix” on Spotify’s Best Folk + Americana Songs of 2021.

Nick Lowe – The Convincer (20th Anniversary Edition)

Nick Lowe - The Convincer 20th Anniversary Edition Yep Roc Records

“At the time of its release, The Convincer drew critical raves from the press and deservedly so for its sublime pop sensibilities and witty and pointed lyrics, which have been the hallmarks of Lowe’s inimitable style (“Poor Side of Town,” “Only a Fool Breaks His Heart,” “I’m a Mess” and “Let’s Stay in and Make Love”).” – David Chiu, Forbes Notable Music Reissues and Archival Releases

“20 years ago, Nick the Knife settled into his perfected form, easing into a sly, brokenhearted reverie with this mates. Sparse and with an emphasis on catching grooves in the moment, songs like “Homewrecker” and “Lately I’ve Let Things Slide” but this one near the top of the Nick list.” – Aquarium Drunkard: 2021 Year in Review

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Jim Lauderdale – Hope

Jim Lauderdale Hope Yep Roc Records

Check out “Memory” on TIDAL’s Best of Folk & Americana 2021 and “The Brighter Side of Lonely” on Qobuz’s Best of 2021 – Country!