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Born Ruffians Birthmarks 10th Anniversary Reissue Yep Roc Records Luke Lalonde Cover Art
May 19th, 2023

Born Ruffians Release ‘Birthmarks’ 10th Anniversary Reissue — Out Now!


Canadian indie rockers Born Ruffians released their 2013 album Birthmarks to critical acclaim, with Pitchfork declaring it “their most refined release to date.” Birthmarks features some of the most beloved tracks in the band’s discography, including hits like “Needle” and “Ocean’s Deep.” The limited edition 10th anniversary LP reissue of Birthmarks is pressed on transparent blue vinyl and features reimagined die-cut artwork by Born Ruffians’ lead vocalist Luke Lalonde.

Born Ruffians Birthmarks 10th Anniversary Reissue Yep Roc Records Luke Lalonde

The twelve-track album was written and demoed over three years and was produced by Roger Leavens at Boombox Sound in Toronto.

A key ingredient to the creation of Birthmarks was a remote farmhouse in rural Ontario. The band wanted to return to the days spent writing their debut, Red, Yellow & Blue when they lived together and “whenever we had an idea we could work it out right there that moment.” Their time spent at the farmhouse was often hilarious and was documented on video: 

While some of Birthmarks was born on the farm, many of the songs were conceived long before. Luke Lalonde would write and demo constantly on his laptop, at home and on tour: Toronto, Montreal, Midland, Australia, France, Germany… everywhere. Several songs were realized during the recording process in the studio.

“We don’t want to tell you about what we think we sound like,” says the band’s Mitch DeRossier. “We can tell you that this record will sound different. These songs lived with us, toured with us, got drunk with us and made our ears ring. Now, we get to hit the road and start making your ears ring.”

Birthmarks Track Listing:

  1. Needle
  2. 6-5000
  3. Ocean’s Deep
  4. Permanent Hesitation
  5. Cold Pop
  6. Golden Promises
  7. Rage Flows
  8. So Slow
  9. With Her Shadow
  10. Too Soaked To Break
  11. Dancing On The Edge Of Our Graves
  12. Never Age


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